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Part 2: Getting the Best Deal

 Try Negotiating with the Seller

Many Buy-It-Now items are items are often listed as “Or Best Offer” This means that while the seller has the item listed for a specific price, he/she is willing to go lower. Sometimes you can get the item at a lower price if you just make an offer. For items only listed as “Buy-It-Now”, try sending the seller an offer. If you’re interested in an auction that doesn’t end for a while, ask the seller if there is a specific amount that they looking to get for the item. This has saved me time and avoided potential bidding wars with other would-be bidders.

A "Buy-it-Now or Best Offer" is a good sign that the seller is willing to negotiate the price.

A “Buy-it-Now or Best Offer” listing is a good sign that the seller is willing to negotiate the price.

Buy Used

Yes, we all want brand new stuff, but it is always necessary? For many items, it’s typically difficult to tell the difference from new and old other than the lack of shrink wrap. Blu Ray movies and video games have a protective covering, and are incredibly difficult to scratch. Other items, like digital cameras and camcorders, work perfectly fine after years use. Many buyers will opt to own a new item, and skimp over the lightly used ones. Use this to your advantage to get an excellent deal on an item that would otherwise cost a small fortune when purchased new.

Late –Night Bidding

If you’re a night owl (like me), this is a great technique to grab a few items for cheap. The Internet, including eBay is at its busiest during the evening. This means more bidders to compete with. However, late at night, most people are asleep instead of watching eBay items. If you’re willing to sacrifice a little sleep, you can get often find some really good deals on auctions ending in the early AM hours, as there’s far less bidders to complete with.

Watch the Shipping Prices!

While an item may seem cheap at first glance, shipping is easily overlooked by many buyers. This is often the case with Buy-it-Now items. Consider this scenario. Seller A has an item for $9.99. Instead you decide to go with Seller B, who has the same item listed for $5.99. What you didn’t realize that that Seller A’s shipping is $4.99, will Seller B is charging 10.99 shipping. You just overpaid, thinking you were getting the better deal! This is often the case when dealing with sellers from overseas. To avoid this, when searching for the lowest price, sort items using “price+shipping lowest first.” This will ensure that the shipping price is included when sorting items.

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